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  1. woof 


    cute doggo on visit ConcernDoge


  2. You would put our differences aside every day when I would visit
    See the love in your vision
    See the hurt in your smile
    Your wisdom is what I'm missing
    The most I'll never be ready to let you go
    I'll never felt so helpless inside a boat I can control
    You tell me how you wanted to travel
    Next year we'll go

    1. Mark Garcîa Hank

      Mark Garcîa Hank

      Det er rigtigt nok.

  3. Quote

    And it's been an exhaustive search to find the words
    But I just heard mockingbird
    And got the urge to jot me some verses
    And thoughts the purpose was not to stir up open wounds
    I've caused a few, and so have you
    Or argue who's fault it was
    Partly yours, partly mine
    But really no ones, this is so tough
    I'm getting choked up
    Oh fuck it, we both suck
    We broke up, got back together
    We both thought we had forever
    Not bad people, just bad together
    We was so nuts, back stab each other, another blow struck
    But there's no ducking this blow
    'Cause it's over

    gotta love this

    1. Abdi Hansen

      Abdi Hansen

      And it's closure But,

      I'm not so sure how to close this

      I just don't know how some people could be so good at one thing

      And so fucked at a whole 'nother shit it's no wonder

      How come, how come, you can be a lord and a loser?

      How come, how come, you can be a liar and a good father? A good dad, but a bad husband

      Why are you a good father? A great dad, but a bad husband  

      Forever be a hero in my eyes

      There's always another side to a good father

      A great dad, but a bad husband